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Top 5 benefits of Loan against Property

Mortgage Loan & Loan against Property: Loan that is given on behalf of property and real estate is termed as mortgage loan. This is also known as secured loan. Mortgages are that type of financial product whose demand and supply change on the basics market.


Top 5 benefits of Mortgage loan:

  1. It is cost effective way of borrowing: Future capital provides low interest and long term repayment option which make mortgage loan very cost effective as compare to other loans.
  2. Payment terms can be extended: In mortgage loan borrower can extend their payment terms. Example like if borrower has taken 100000 mortgage loan @6% for 20 years the payment of principal and interest will be 716.43 . If borrower wants to extend loan for 10 more years now it is 30 years monthly payment would be 599.55 saving of 116.88per month.
  3. Money can be freed for other debts: Future Finance provides in between modification on your mortgage loan which helps borrower to meet with other debts like credit card payment, auto loan etc.
  4. Interest Rates are floating: In mortgage loan on the basics of demand and supply in market interest rates fluctuates very frequently. Example like if borrower has taken 100000 loan for 20 years @ 6% interest rate then monthly payment with principal and interest is 716.43 and if interest rates goes down to 5% then monthly payment with principal and interest will be 659.95 it goes down by 56.48 .
  5. Good Credit Score: Borrower can get good credit score by paying monthly instalment on time this help in creating good credibility in the eyes of creditors. This helps in easy availability of any other loan to individual borrower.


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