Quick & Easy Business Loan in Ahmedabad

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In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to live their dreams and fulfill their daily requirements. Where cities like Ahmedabad are speeding their pace to start a business in multiple industries, money is an inevitable resource that is needed to start and grow the business. It is a crucial investment that can achieve heights if correctly used.

Fynamics is a one-stop solution for all your financial needs, let it be secured or unsecured loans. We at Fynamics can help you grow your business by providing business loans. We provide you with business loans in Ahmedabad, where start-ups and mid-scale business are booming in the market. You can leap of faith for the growth of your business as we are there to provide you quick and easy business loans in Ahmedabad.

Business Loan in Ahmedabad

A business loan is an extending help in terms of capital to help small business to invest in company operations, infrastructure and other basic needs of the company. SME’s to large scale businesses can avail loans from various banks or NBFC’s to continue with their business.

Types of business loans

  • Term loans
  • Short term loans
  • Line of credit or bank overdraft
  • Invoice financing/loan on receivables
  • Equipment loans
  • Supplier credit

The amount for acquiring a business loan in Ahmedabad usually starts from 1 lakh to 2 Cr. This range may change as per the eligibility and capability of the borrower, what is the type of the loan and its purpose. Reach out to Fynamics to help you find the lowest interest rate for Business loan in Ahmedabad without any hassle.

Gujarat has always been at its peak for business, trade, and commerce. Many businesses have been started in Gujarat especially in Ahmedabad and are growing to become the best companies in India. That is why the need for business loans in Ahmedabad is more. We can help you with the best business loan in Ahmedabad.

Bank & NBFC Offering Business Loans in Ahmedabad

There are many top Non-Banking Financial Companies and Banks that are offering Business Loans in Ahmedabad. Banks like SBI, HDFC, etc. and NBFC’s like Bajaj Finserv and Capital Float are a few in this city.

HDFC Bank Business Loan Ahmedabad

It is the largest private sector bank in the country that operates in 87 branches of Ahmedabad HDFC banks offers among the best business loans in India, with complete transparency and competitive interest rates. HDFC business loans do not require any security.

Bajaj Finserv Business Loan Ahmedabad

One of the largest well-known NBFC in India with low interest rates and flexible repayment options. Business loan by Bajaj Finserv can give much needed boost to your business.

ICICI Bank Business Loan Ahmedabad

ICICI bank is the second largest private sector bank in India which has around 48 full and part service branches in the city of Ahmedabad. ICICI Bank provides loans to small business so that they get timely finance and make most of business opportunities.

Fullerton Business Loan Ahmedabad

No.1 Provider which serves the entire Ahmedabad through 3 branches.

SBI Business Loan Ahmedabad

SBI Provides Best Government business loan, loan to SMEs under various schemes.

Citibank Business Loan Ahmedabad

This bank operates from 1 branch out of all in Ahmedabad..

Kotak Bank Business Loan Ahmedabad

Quick & hassle-free process with minimal documentation. Loan tenure 2 to 5 years.

Tata Capital Business Loan Ahmedabad

Tata Capital provides Loans for Businesses without security, and loan disbursement within 3 business days. Avail Unsecured Business Loans with no collateral.

Axis Bank Business Loan Ahmedabad

Axis Bank is the third largest bank in the country in the private sector and operates about 39 branches in the city of Ahmedabad.

Unsecured Business Loan Interest Rates in Ahmedabad October 2020

Product FeaturesLoan Against PropertyUnsecured Business Loan
Maximum Loan amountUp to 75% of the property valueRs. 1 lakhs to Rs. 100 crore
Loan Tenure5 – 20 Year1 – 5 Years
Interest Rate7.75% – 12.5%13.50% onwards

Eligibility Criteria of Availing Business Loan in Ahmedabad

  • The age limit should be between 21 and 65.
  • Registered CA is required to audit your business
  • Cash profits of the last two financial years.
  • Professionals are required to show their qualification proof.

Documents required for a Business loan for Professional and Business owners

For Professionals:

  • Photo ID proof
  • Address Proof
  • Bank statements of last 12 months
  • Proof of business i.e. Certificate of Practice
  • Balance sheet for last 2 years
  • IT returns

For Business Owners:

  • Photo ID proof
  • Address Proof
  • Bank statements of last 3 months
  • Proof of business, Partnership deed, Shop Act License, MOA, AOA
  • Balance sheet for last 2 years
  • IT returns

Components of Business Loan in Ahmedabad

  • For unsecured loan, documentation is simple
  • Payment through EMI is available for tenure of 12-48 months
  • Loan amount can vary from 3-75 lakhs
  • Based on the eligibility of the applicant, the return on investment may change


I was thinking to start a small business as an extra income as my job was uncertain due to COVID. It was quick and easy with Fynamics. I had to do nothing but follow their instructions and provide the things they needed. Rest was taken care of by them. Thank you for helping me through tough times.