ICICI Business Loan

ICICI Bank offers Business Loan which interest rate starting from 15.50%. Rate of Interest of Business loanin ICICI may varies as per by loan amount, type of loan availed and occupation.

For any business the most important component part is managing finance. For SMEs, timely finance is the key to making business opportunities. ICICI offer their customers to host of innovative products and services which are basically customized to meet your financial requirements.

We are India’s largest private sector bank with our total consolidated assets of Rs. 9,860.43 billion till March 31, 2017 and excluding tax of Rs. 98.01 billion (US$ 1.5 billion) till financial year March 31, 2017. Currently, ICICI Bank has a 4,850 Branches and 14,164 ATM’s network all over India. In 1994 this bank was promoted by ICICI Ltd. Our innovative banking services recognized and rewarded over world most of time. The ICICI Bank is deeply collated in human and economic development at national level. This bank works closely with ICICI foundation across diverse programs and sectors. ICICI Bank also provides Business loan to SME and Entrepreneurs.


We are top most Business loan provider in India. As already mentioned we have more than 2600 of branches in all over country. We have many branches in Gujarat. ICICI Bank also provides Business Loan in Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, and Rajkot. The organization is availing loans can in a way in which they can prepay their loan partly or may paying up to 4% prepayment charges.

business loan

As Gujarat is State of Business man and Industries therefore the requirement of Business Loan is increases gradually. If you are entrepreneur or business man in Gujarat kindly contact Future Capital for Business Loan in Ahmedabad. if you are getting any issue in getting Business Loan then contact Future capital. We are source persons of ICICI bankand we are also Business Loan provider in Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda and Rajkot. To get Business Loan from ICICI bank there are some benefits.

  • Firm can repay loan partly or after paying up to 4% prepayment charges
  • If you paying foreclosure charges then loan can foreclose anytime by organization
  • ICICI Bank have 2600 branches all over INDIA, so you can avail your Business Loan Service


As there are many factors on which eligibility of ICICI bank relies but ability to repay loan is main factor and some other factors are:

  • CIBIL Score

At initial Stage ICICI Bank check organization CIBIL Score. On the basis of that bank will refer to repayment history of present and past loans.

  • Stability of business

The most important factor is stability and future aspect of business which improves eligibility for the business loan. For this they might be need ITR of last year and bank details too.

  • Profitability

Basically business loan mainly depends upon profitability and prospects of any organization. For this bank require profit for minimum 1 year.

What factors will affect application’s Business loan eligibility and ROI?

For any business either in new state or growing state as nature the requirement of Money in important. For any business there is necessary work i.e. individual business is having cycle in which we include all things initial investments to turn over and profits margin from sales also. So we need money in prior step. For this situation Business loan is best way.

Generally there two methods for loans to any business

  • Secured Loan facility

This means loans will provide by banks upon taking some collateral and this loan range starts from Rs. 5 Lakhs and Max will be depend upon collateral.

  • Unsecured Loan facility

This is another method in this banks will provided unsecured business based on eligibility criteria without taking any collateral from borrower.