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Get  Personal Loan in Surat up to Rs.20 lakh to manage major expenses like home renovation debt consolidation city in Gujarat. If you need a Personal  loan in Ahmedabad, then you can approach to NBFC and Bank’s like SBI, HDFC, ICICI,Citi Bank Capital First SBI and Axis etc. Future Finance top Personal loan provider in Ahmedabad.

Personal Loan Interest Rates in Surat 2018

BanksInterest Rates
Icici Bank Personal Loan Ahmedabad10.99 – 20.75%
Hdfc Bank Personal Loan Ahmedabad11.70 – 18.85%
Bajaj Finserve Personal Loan Ahmedabad11.99 – 16.00%
Tata Capital Personal Loan Ahmedabad14.00 – 33.00%
SCB Personal Loan Ahmedabad11.50 – 20.00%
SBI Personal Loan Ahmedabad12.99 – 17.00%
Kotak Bank Personal Loan Ahmedabad10.99 – 14.49%


What is Personal Loan?

To start or carry on existing needs funds which can be occupy by loan which meet your business requirements and goals, with the help of this we can borrow a certain amount of money for time period as per interest rate and monthly repayment. Personal loan are also secured which have generally low EMI Rates.


  • ROI is between 11 – 18 % which may be differ based on eligibility applicant
  • Just because of unsecured Personal loan term so it’s documentation is simple
  • Tenures is 12-48 months and will repaid through EMI
  • This advanced from 3-25 lakhs.

Eligibility of Applicant for Personal loans in Surat

Any person who is running Job & business with decent earning than Personal loan can be offered to that candidate. Several banks have their different criteria, policy and terms which validate the authenticity of applicant’s business. After authentication and validation banks have authority to decide amount of loan. These are key points to offering Personal loan:

  • What is type of business? It is Public ltd, Private LTD, proprietorship, LLP or Partnership
  • Total Turnover of business
  • Cash flow in business
  • Profit of business

The economy of Gujarat has significant in industrial production as well as agricultural within India. Gujarat is best place for business and entrepreneurship; in this Ahmedabad have key roles. For better business first requirement is business loan.

Personal Loan Documents in Surat



  • Pan Card Adhar Card
  • Last 6 months Bank statements
  • Latest Resi Light bill & telephone bill
  • Salary slip of Last 3 month


Self Employed


Kyc Document pan card Adhar card

  • Balance Sheets, profit loss Account with itr Last 3 year
  • Company Registration Proff
  • Partnership Deed & other mandatory documents etc.
  • Last six month Bak ststment

Bank & NBFC Offering Personal Loans in Surat?

There are many top of Non-Banking Financial Companies and the line Banks who are offering Business Loans in Ahmedabad. SBI, HDFC, etc. and Bajaj Finserv and Capital Float are few all the major banks among NBFCs are there in this city.

  • HDFC Bank Personal Loan Surat

It is the largest private sector bank in the country and operates in Ahmedabad from approximately about 87 branches. HDFC offer among the best business loans in India, with complete transparency and competitive interest rates. HDFC business loans do not require any security.

  • Kotak Bank Personal Loan Surat

Simple documentations, Quick & hassle-free process, Loan tenure 2 to 5 years

  • Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan Surat

A well known and one of the largest NBFCs in India. With low interest rates and flexible repayment options, business loan by Bajaj Finserv can give the much needed boost to your business.

  • Tata Capital Personal Loan Surat

Tata Capital provides Loans for personal without security, and loan disbursement within 3 business days. Avail Unsecured Business Loans with no collateral.

  • ICICI Bank Business Loan Surat

ICICI bank second largest private sector bank in India which has approximately about 48 full and part service branches in the city of Ahmedabad. ICICI Bank provides loans to small business so that they get timely finance and make most of business opportunities.

  • Axis Bank Personal Loan Surat

Axis Bank is the third largest bank in the country in the private sector and operates about 39 branches in the city of Ahmedabad.

  • SBI Personal Loan Surat

SBI Business Loan, SBI Provide Best Government business loan, the bank provides the loan to SMEs under various schemes.

  • Fullerton Personal Loan Surat

Top no 1 Provider which services the entire Ahmedabad through their 3 branches.

  • Citibank Personal Loan Surat

This bank operating out of 1 branch in the city of Ahmedabad.